The Culture of the Hoot

The Culture Of The Hoot....

As the legend goes, it was in Clearwater, Florida that the first owl-bedecked girls elbowed into the limelight in their radiant orange and white ensembles. From there, the succulent fruits of corporate labor gained popularity faster than the ones at neighboring Tropicana. It's even questionable these days as to whose oranges are the Sunshine State's most conspicuous export!

To hear the name "Hooters" evokes an avalanche of opinions ranging from good, wholesome family fun to racy, stereotypical sex objects. But whatever one's own feelings are, it's certainly not all about the girls.... Ok, it is all about the girls.... But there's much more to Hooters' restaurants than most people will allow themselves to get to know. There's the food, the atmosphere and all the flavorful fun of a sports bar, a diner and a tropical vacation tightly twisted into one unforgettable experience.

No two restaurants are exactly alike. And each sizzles with sex appeal and oozes with the regional flavor of each city and town it finds itself situated in. There's a cultural persona and a fierce fan following to the restaurants (in)famously known as being "Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined." So come inside, have a seat and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Oh, BTW, it's ok if you stare!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hooters of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here we have true Partyclique history....

This is Lydia, the first true Partyclique Model.

I met Lydia during one of their beauty pageants.... I'll never forget....

Lydia was still a sweet 17 at the time, but even at that tender age I was so stunned by her natural beauty that I found it necessary to ask her for a picture.

Only too willing was she as we made up our own mock studio right there in the restaurant. The more we talked the more it became apparent that Lydia was a natural born model. She'd taken classes for it and pursued it with a passion.

In a few weeks we'd shoot again there in her home town. A few months after that she (along with another Hooter Girl) would travel to northeast Pennsylvania and our home base to do this spectacular, first ever, Partyclique Model shoot.... Just 1 week after she turned 18!

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